Over the last 7 years The Youth Net has developed it’s expertise in resourcing schools from a Christian perspective. Through our growing network on youth and children’s workers we are able to offer

Bespoke lessons and workshops at all key stages – KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5

RE and SMSC days or conferences for KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5.

Christian visitors and visiting speakers

Sacred Spaces for Primary and Secondary.

Assemblies and Collective Worship for Primary and Secondary

Supporting lunchtime groups with a particular interest in debating groups

From time to time we can offer special one off events such as a visiting band or theatre company.


As Youth and Children’s workers we are committed to supporting the schools and young people and children we are involved with in many different ways. The Youth Net is currently  able to support schools in the following ways:

Mentoring  (New project in the planning phase)

Alternative Provision – For more information see our Princes Trust page


Sacred Spaces is one area The Youth Net is keen to keep on developing.

Sacred Spaces are spaces set up in a school that encourage reflection, time to think, a place of peace, an opportunity to respond and for some pupils and staff who have a faith they are places to pray.

The Youth Net is part of the Prayer Spaces in Schools Network and has carried out extensive research looking at how these spaces can very positively contribute to the spiritual development of children and young people.


The Youth Net is committed to supporting churches as they develop positive relationships with their school. Churches can positively and appropriately contribute to a school community adding a richness that will support the RE and SMSC curriculum. Where appropriate they are also often in a position to offer pastoral support to pupils and teachers.

Church connections with schools take many forms and we have a lot of experience to share.

For Primary Enquiries please contact

Alison Way    Email:        01785 242631

For Secondary Enquiries please contact

Sam Phillips  Email:          07913 079705