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The Youth Net Stafford
The Youth Net Sacred Space
The Youth Net Sacred Space
Love Stafford Litter Picking

The Youth Net is a children and youth charity based in Stafford with a vision

 to see children and young people flourishing socially, emotionally, educationally and spiritually;

engaging positively with the Christian faith and their local community.

As an organisation we aim to be:

                                   GENEROUS with our time and resources,

                                   RELATIONAL with people at the heart of all our programmes,

                                   OPEN and HONEST in all we do,

                                   WELCOMING to all

                                   THANKFUL and bringers of


We work towards our vision through a number of different school and community projects.


What makes us different?

We think that when you look around the website you will be surprised by the number of different thing that we are involved in. This is a deliberate choice.


We know that much of life and much of community is about relationships. We want to be able to work with children and young people in school and out of school engaging seamlessly through all our different projects.  


We believe in partnership and working together with local churches and having a variety of projects helps us to do this. The team often work across  number of projects and this is great for building relationships.


It sometimes feels a bit messy but life is messy. We want to be generous, relational, open and honest, welcoming, thankful and bringers of hope across Stafford as much as we can with the Stafford Church community. 


We have a network of projects that work together

with local churches and communities

for the benefit of all.

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